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  • Developer: Duck Duck Go, Inc.
  • Genre: Web Search Engine
  • Version: 2021.3.8
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Release Date
Sep 25, 2008
Duck Duck Go, Inc.
Duck Duck Go, Inc.
Web Search Engine
Windows PC


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Shanon Wiggins

DuckDuckGo is find engine doesn't track your searches. It was created in 2008 by Gabriel Weinberg, a software developer from Pennsylvania. Search engine was created in response to the growing visibility of interest in privacy issues. Users who are looking for a find engine that does not track their find can use soft. Unlike other search engines, DuckDuckGo download doesn't track your personal information, filter content, or tailor results to you. As a result, you get information you're looking for without the clutter, bias, or distractions that come from personalization.


Interface is simple and straightforward interface. There is search bar in DuckDuckGo app middle of screen. What you write in bar is the search. There are icons to the left and right of find bar. These icons allow the user to select from different find engines. Has a clean interface that doesn't overwhelm the user. Duck logo appears on the top left corner on a white background. DuckDuckGo app Windows logo is sign of a search engine that respects your privacy. Search bar is on top of page on right side. Search engine doesn't offer any special features under the search bar, but on the side you will find topics to search. Interface is bare-bones.

It has a search bar, a list of results, and a link to its homepage. The homepage offers a list of the top stories on the homepage, tips for how to use install DuckDuckGo, an extensive list of other find engines, and a list of other websites that may be of interest. Interface of soft is very intuitive and easy to use. It's simple and has a clean design. Find bar is large and easy to notice. It has the same design as the Google one. It's positioned on the top of the app and has a lot of white space. In the background, it has a light blue color, which matches the DuckDuckGo install logo. The rest of the inside of the app is filled with white color.


Software download DuckDuckGo has a variety of features that make it an appealing find engine for many users. It has a “bangs” feature, for example,  allows users to use prefixes to find other websites. Website’s filter system, which is useful for people looking for content related to sensitive topics. Application DuckDuckGo unblocked is find engine that does not have a homepage, but instead, a list of links to other websites.

App is search engine that does not collect personal data from its users. Find engine does not provide a homepage, list of links to other websites. Usability of application is good. It's very easy to type a search query and get a result. There is keyboard on bottom of screen, which makes it a lot easier to type query. There is find bar on top of screen, which is easier to notice. Rest of soft is easy to use.


Product DuckDuckGo Windows offers a variety of ways to filter search results. Website includes a filter system that allows users to exclude certain search terms from their results. Software DuckDuckGo free has a “bangs” feature.


Software DuckDuckGo APK has a page for specific questions and answers, which is useful for people who want guidance on how to use browser’s features.


  • How can I change my language settings on the DuckDuckGo Mac app?
    You can change your language on software by going to Settings, then Language.

  • I have a problem with the app. Who do I contact?
    Email developers at the official website.

  • Does the browser app collect or share any of my personal data?
    No, software product does not collect or share any personal data. For more details please see our Privacy Policy.

  • Can I use the DuckDuckGo app on my Kindle?
    Yes, application is now available for Kindle devices.


Product DuckDuckGo Android is promising alternative to other search engines. It provides a simple interface, has a variety of features, offers customer support. It was created on 2008 by Gabriel Weinberg, founder of find engine, who was fed up with the privacy policies of other search engines. Browser uses an algorithm that ranks sites based on number of other sites that link to them like Google.


  • Searches are more relevant;
  • Reports are private;
  • No personal data is required;
  • No tracking.


  • Limited on the amount of information you can view on a topic;
  • Searches on topics are limited;
  • Cost;
  • Privacy.

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